Tobio "Toby Kawaii" Tenma (born. July 11 1968) is the son of Homophobic Genius Dr. Tenma, Fun fact, he did not actually die in the Astro Boy Manga but that was actually

tobio as he appears in the 2003 series

his less smart twin brother, the Real Tobio ran away the day he died, and moved all the way to New York city in the 1980s where he spend the rest of his life (Attract schoolgirls, Became a boxer, hanging out with Scott Pilgrim, and support Gay/Autism Rights) to this day, he is the only str*ight supporter of the barney Bunch.

After he was married, Toby built an Astro boy Clone to help support Astro boy in his swell adventures. he did not, as he Became Str*ght and named himself Nega Astro Boy and joined The Nega-Barney Bunch, since then, Toby has always had a grudge aganst Nega AB.