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This is the wiki for The Nega-Barney Bunch as well as gay groups we can't post on The Barney Bunch Wiki.

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A group of straight homophobic men who hate homosexuality.


The rules to this wiki are straight (ha ha straight) forward

  • It's ok to troll other users if necessary
  • If MiklosMac is caught editing or creating an article off his homepage he will get blocked
  • Do not add Barney Bunch pages to this wiki. Add them to The Barney Bunch wiki
  • Any other vandalizers will be blocked on sight. No one likes vandalisim
  • Add at least 3 sentances to an article
  • You can make other g*y groups on this wiki that aren't aloud on The Barney Bunch wiki on here
  • No uncensored girl nudity. The closest thing you can do to that is if they have censor bars on their private parts or if they are wearing a bikini.
  • Posting fanart is fine but best if you credit the person in some way.
  • Don't harras other people you hate.
  • No making pages of fandoms or groups of people you hate because it can get this wiki closed forever (ex. making a page on Bronies, Petties/Petters, Sonic Fans, Spongebob Fans, or Autistic People. No one likes a bully)

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