The Ice King is a member of the Nega Barney Bunch. He is a huge p*rvert because he likes kidnapping females and having str*ight s*x with them, he is the str*ightest person of the Land of Ooo. He likes r*ping, and kidnapping Princess Bubblegum, Lady Unicorn, Fiona, Cake, and Marceline. But they hate them because they're l*sbians and he licks their b**bs.
Ice King

The Ice King.

 He became str*ight when his wife left him. He wants to kill Finn and Jake out of most of the Barney Bunch members, becuase they're g*y. His best friends are Nega Finn and Nega Jake. He won't talk to anyone in the Land of Ooo because everyone in the Land Of Ooo are g*y or l*sbians and is the only h*mophobe of The Land of Ooo.