SMITE Guan Yu is a member of the Nega Barney Bunch. He is a str*ight and h*m*phobic clone of Guan Yu who likes to flirt with women, drink beer, listen to Led Zeppelin, and spit in the faces of g*y men. He was created by Nega-Dr. Robotnik by adding Guan Yu's DNA into a str*ight man. He hates the Barney Bunch with all his heart and he wants to kill the real Guan Yu because he is a g*y f*gg*t. Just so that the other Nega-Barney Bunch members don't mistaken him for the real Guan Yu, SMITE Guan Yu has a red face and bright blue eyes to distinguish them apart. Unlike many members of the Nega Barney Bunch, he treats women far better than he treats men, which makes him quite unlikeable by The M-san Bunch (since he's putting women on a higher pedestal than men, which is technically sexist), Nega Drew Pickles, and Ravana. His best friend is Inazuma Eleven Zhang Fei.