Ravana is a member of the Nega Barney Bunch. He is a very str*ight and h*m*phobic Hindu demon who likes to r*pe sexy women with his 80-mile long c*ck and to kill g*y men. He is a male chauvinist, who treats women like sh*t. He only wants to marry Sita, so that he can f*ck her in the v*g*na all day and force her to make sandwiches for him. Ravana hates the Barney Bunch because they are the g*yest group know to man and he wants to kill Drew Pickles with his demon army. He also hates the Fergo Bunch because he believes they took Sita away from him. He additionally hates the M-san Bunch and Nonsexist Bunch, who now has Sita and doesn't allow him satisfaction, respectively.

Reactions from OthersEdit

"Good God, is that son of a b*tch unlikable!" ~Sheriff of Nottingham

"Not even I would stoop that low." ~First Herr

"Bag, he is very unswell..." ~Drew Pickles

His Despicable GalleryEdit